Tuesday, September 20, 2011

School .. Miss Those Days

wonderful old school memories

I guess we all have memories of old

Way back when we were in school

We have done our best to get passing grades

To show our people that was not an idiot

Remember these offices to the old?

There was an ink well at the top right

Some guys do not last too long in school

Because they were at home to pick crops

Long ride home after school

The pile of books is a heavy burden

Rocks kicks, but hurry in

Along the dusty red dirt road

After all, were always jobs to do

Once a child back home

Collect the eggs and meat of pigs slosh

I have not had much time to wander

Yes, those were the good old days, my friend

Today it seems that school is a breeze

But it's fun to look back

In the wonderful old school memories!

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