Friday, September 9, 2011

just for you

just for you

Close your eyes slowly
feel calm and peace ...
Breathing slowly, slowly
And 'your smiling face ...
then ... nice ...
Looking at me, looking
looks resigning

I promised myself
AS, which in myself
to be honest with myself
that your heart beats in me just

Find some clues
To be together forever
Its time to make us feel
I'm blue
I'm blue ...

What it takes to live a happy life
whatever we do
be happy anyway
In all my life
to be the name of your

Whatever you do
I know for myself
Its my mind
Thought for you
When it's all over
still waiting still struggling
God knows
He just sent me
just for you
To release the pain you
always make you smile
and do not feel alone ...

So .. I promised myself
so, for me, just
wherever we are
live that life outside
We both know
live this life
alone ...

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