Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beautiful reminder


1● The most self-centered one page concept "I"... ► Prevent it
2● The most fulfilling two-letter concept "WE"... ► Use it
3● The most deadly three-letter concept "EGO"... ► Eliminate it
4● The most used four-letter concept "LOVE"... ► Value it
5● The most attractive five-letter concept "SMILE"... ► Keep it
6● The quickest distributing six-letter concept "RUMOUR"... ► Pay no attention to it
7● The challenging operating seven-letter concept "SUCCESS"... ► Obtain it
8● The most respectable eight-letter concept "JEALOUSY"... ► Range it
9● The most highly effective nine-letter concept "KNOWLEDGE"... ► Attain it

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