Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i love you

love poems

I Love You

Not For What You Are
But What You Make Of Me.

I love you
For The Friendship
You Give Without Pretense,
That Made Me Madly Fond Of You
And Miss You in Your Absence.

I Love You
For Your Faith in Me
That Soothes My Weary Soul,

I Love You
For Your Gentle Ways
When We Both Disagree,
Of Pointing Out What You Dislike
Without Much Hurting Me.

I Love You
For Your Patience,
Your Kindness Never Ends.
Inspires Me To Move On With Life
Through All its Curves And Bends.

I Love You
For The Boost You Give
So Often Without Praise,
For All These Things
And All These Reasons
That You've Made Me What I Am.
I Love You Too With All My Life
And All The Person That I Am.

I Love You
For Your Thoughtful Ways
That Set My Spirit Free.

I Love You
For Your Caring Touch
That Makes My Life Seem Whole.

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