Friday, April 15, 2011

the beauty of a person

The beauty of a person,
no matter who they are
Can only be measured,
by the goodness of heart
For some the exterior may be rough and weathered
But their true beauty only shines all the better
I've met folks that have the beauty and the bodies
But hearts cold as steel, caring for nobody
Then there are the ones,
no matter their looks
that would give a smile, word, a part of themselves
To help one less fortunate than they
And expect nothing in return, except to say
Thank you for being there, and helping point the way
It's that inner beauty that shines forth from you
It shows in everything you say and do
For I have never heard you ever condemn
Even the smallest and weakest of men
For all that you see you carry a smile
To those that receive it, it lasts for miles
And so it is that true beauty must begin
Not from without, but from only within
The giving of oneself so selflessly
That the whole world can see the beauty in thee

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