Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine SMS

Valentine SMS

Valentine SMS for your Love

Wen things go wrong...
Wen sadness fills ur heart...
Wen tears flow in ur eyes...
Always remember 3 things
1) I'm with u...
2) Still with u...
3) Will ALWAYS b...

As days go by, my feelings get stronger,
To be in ur arms, I can't wait any longer.
Look into my eyes & u'll see that it's true,
Day & Night my thought r of U..

Love isn't a decision, it's a feeling. If we could decide who to love,
Then,  life would be much simpler, but then less magical.

Red or white
short or tall
wrapped in silver
not wrapped at all
under covers
inside a box
shapes & sizes
love comes in lots.

Wen things go wrong...
Wen sadness fills ur heart...
Wen tears flow in ur eyes...
Always remember 3 things
1) I'm with u...
2) Still with u...
3) Will ALWAYS b...

If Your asking if I Need U the answer is 4Ever..
If Your askin if I'll Leave U the answer is Never..
If Your askin what I value the Answer is U..
If Your asking if I love U the answer is I do.

Don't wait until it's too late to tell someone how much you love, how much you care.
Because when they're gone, no matter how loud you shout and cry, they won't hear you anymore.

I dream about you every night
I shiver when your in sight
I long to hold you close n tight
I wanna be there with all my might
I m just hoping I'm the Lalit whose right

When I look at you,
I cannot deny there is God,
Cause only God could have created some one
As wonderful n beautiful as you

If I reached for your hand , will u hold it ?
If I hold out my arms, will u hug me ?
If I go for your lips, will u kiss me ?
If I capture ur heart , will u love me ??

No shadows 2 depress u
Only joys 2 surround u
Many friends 2 Love u
God himself 2 bless u
These r my wishes 4 u,
For today, tomorrow & everyday

Smile in Pleasure
Smile in Pain
Smile when trouble pours like Rain
Smile when sum1 Hurts U
Smile b"coz SOMEONE still
Loves to see u Smiling!!

24hrs make a lovely day,
7 days make a lovely week,
52 weeks make a lovely year & knowing a
Person like Lalit will make ur life lovely.

I was asked about Newton's law and I said I don't know.
I was questioned on the current President of USA
and I wasn't sure if it is Clinton or Bush.
But when I was asked on who I love,
the only answer I can think of, is you.

C.L.I.C.K. Means :

C= cant live without u
L= love u
I= I miss u
C= care about u
K= kiss from my heart 2 u
So whenever u miss me just say CLICK.

Don't go for looks,
They can deceive
Don't go for wealth
Even that fades away.

Go for sum1 who makes u
Smile b"coz only a smile makes
A dark day seem bright..

Love mean to see someone with closed eyes,
To miss some1 in crowd,
2 find some1 in every thought,
To live 4 some1, Love some1, but sure that sum1 is ONLY one!

Love is like a CD track
That links our hearts together
Don't ever break that CD coz
That wud break my heart too.........

Sender:Name Missing*
*Number Missing
*Sent:Date missing
*Missing U a lot that's y
Everything is missing...!

Softly d leaves of memories wil fal,
I'll pick them up & gather them all,
Coz 2day, 2moro & til my life is through
I'll cherish having sum1 like u!

Memories r treasured
No1 can steal.
Parting is heartache
No1 can heal.
Sum'll 4get u wen ur gone
But I'll remember u
No matter how long..

I m on a mission:
Misson 2 avoid u,
2 forgetu, 2 get rid of u,
2 not 2 talk 2u or meet u,
In short....

Q:Wat is Love?

A:Love is wen sum1 breaks ur heart
n d most amazing thing
is tat u still Love them
Wid every broken piece...!

In life Love is neither planned nor does it happen 4 a reason
but when d Love is real
it become ur plan 4 life
n reason 4 living..!

All I wanted was sum1 2 care 4 me
All I wanted was sum1 who'd b there 4 me
All I ever wanted was sum1 who'd b true
All I ever wanted was sum1 like U...

D smallest word is I,
The sweetest word is LOVE
And the dearest person
In the world is U.
Tats y I Love You..:)

Dear O Dear, ur not near
But I can hear
Don't get fear
Ur memories r here
Liv wide cheer
No mere tear
And Ur mine forever!

U may miss me
U may ignore me
U may even forget me
But one day if u wanna c me
Dont search, just c ur shadow

Lalit wil be thr...Trust Me!!

I'll stand here 4ever,
If 4ever's what it takes,
because u r my 4ever,
and 4ever always waits...!

My past says u met me
My future says u wil care 4 me
My present says u wil understand me
But my heart says u will
Always Remember ME!

Ur precious love has
turned my life completely around,
I feel like I m walking but
my feet don't seem 2 touch d ground...!

3 - 2 = one heart praying 4 you
1 + 1= two eyes looking for you
3+2= five senses missing you.
4+3= seven days in a week i desire you.
7+5= 12months asking god to bless you.

Ur d angel who I cherish so dearly
in tis heart of mine,
d 1 who makes my day brighter,
by making my whole world shine..!

Live 4 d person ho dies 4u,
Smile 4 d person ho cries 4u,
Fight 4 d person ho protects u,
n Love d person ho Loves u more than u..!

You'll always b mine 4 now n 4ever.
You'll always b mine 4 Ur my treasure.
You'll always b mine pleas tel me its true.
Please b mine 4everi'll always Love u...!

Whenever I miss U,
I wont luk 4u in my dreams
or try 2 hear ur voice in ur masgs.
I'll just put my right hand across my chest n feel U!

Wen a TOUCH could HEAL a wound
Wen EYE'S cud SPEAK volumes
Wen a SMILE can confirm I M THERE
then why do v need words 2 say 'I LOVE YOU.'

Its not ur mistake if u cant read d eyes which cheats u.
But its really ur mistake if u cant read d eyes which loves u.

Its a nice feeling,wen sum1 u Love Loves u in return.
So when u know d 1 u Love has special feeling 4 u,
never let them go b"coz its rare 2 find 2 hearts dat beat as 1.

When daylight turns 2 a darkened hue, D lovely stars r hinting at u,
Ur heart beats tells u something true,
That some1 summery is missing U....!

You are the twinkle of my eyes;
The smile on my lips;
The joy of my face;
Without you I am incomplete.

Relationship doesn't get closer by meetings, but it is sweetens by THOUGHTS.
I care for you in my own STRANGE ways. Maybe you will never know, Maybe I will never show..

I ask God for a rose n he gave me flowers;
I ask God for water n he gave me an ocean;
I ask God for an angel n he gave me the best Love ever!

Every time i miss you, a star falls.
So if you ever look up at the sky and the stars are gone,
its because you made me miss you too much!