Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moment at A Time

Moment at a time

You can accomplish great things, but you must always do One moment at a time. Today is filled with a lot of them Moments.

Value is created constantly and diligently, a time At a time. To live with respect and appreciation of every little Moment, whose value depends on you.

If you meet the time of resentment, worthless Come on it. If you hurry the moment, worried What's next, you leave the opportunity for you He had to make a difference.

You can stay focused, you can easily persist, and It can be positive for a moment. And when It's beautiful, the stream is completed, you are ready And ready to start over.

At one point, you can place Could it be anxiety or despair? After all, it's just a Today is yours to use, and as I have, you can Take some positive steps.

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