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the best love story

the best love story

The Best Love Story (daddy & his child)

[Kid Anonymous]: Dad ... dad

[Pope Anonymous]: Yes, Timmy!

[Ano ... uh ... Timmy] Father, I have a task to write at school. Will you help me? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[Father]: Oh! Ok! That year the task?

[Timmy]: Love!

[Father]: Wow! You did? In my day, teachers in our ... er tasks;)

[Timmy]: No, Dad, we are required to write something about the meaning of love ... his Valentine, na!

[Father]: Love ... Hmm Lemme see!

[Timmy]: wait. Wait ... Lemme write it ... :)

[Father]: Love ... Love is on lies!

[Timmy] lies?

[Daddy] You see, Timmy ... All my life I have been told is in love and I thought it was the best gift we can give a person.

[Timmy]: What, Dad?

[Father]: Well, for the first time I met her mother years to the day of St. Valentino 7 years ago. It was not the hottest chicks in college, I mean, if you know the WT ...

[Timmy] Hot Chick?

[Father]: You get it in time, the son ... ;)

Anyway ... So, this girl is standing in a corner of the dance floor. I heard a friend say that he has received no date for the party.

So there I was, cursing my luck as an end date is that my grandmom left me in the same situation?

[Timmy] Pedic?

[Father]: The situation ... means .. um, a problem!

[Timmy] Oh ...

[Father]: Yes, I went to yr mother told me to .. "Hey, why are women so beautiful as you do not have all the kids singing for you?"

Now I knew I would not have even asked to dance, if I had a choice, but it was a lie that the little ones who put us together!

[Timmy]: But Dad, it's not wrong to lie?

[Father]: Guys, sometimes you have to lie to ppl you love happy!

Every day after Valentine's Day, the mother told me years she was the prettiest girl in the world.

Now, I think she's cute and pretty in a particular way, but you tell me ... Do you think that Sharon Stone's legs and the figure of Alicia Silverstone?

[Timmy]: Uh ... I do not know any of these rocks, Dad!

[Father]: hmm .. ok ... Let's just say that Mom was just a year Wilma Flintstones ordinary!

[Timmy]: I know that Wilma! I know Wilma!

[Father]: Hehe ... And then again ...

When Mom was pregnant with you year ... she used to ask me every day how it was? If she looked fat?

Now, frankly, had won about 30 to 40 pounds ... A & has always been one of his moods ..

But I would say .. "Nooooooooooooo honey, you're brilliant! You look fantastic!

Now if I said I looked like a fat cow, it would hurt!

[Timmy]: Yeah ...

[Daddy] So you see, son ... Love is when you tell those little lies to keep someone happy!

ok ... I gotta go now ... All the best jobs with an ...

[Timmy]: Bye Daddy!


[Timmy]: Love is lying? I'll ask mom

Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy$$$$$$$$$$$ ...

[Timmy]: Mother .. Mother ... I am a school assignment ... help me, na!

[Mother]: Timmy, you know i'v dad out in the second half hour

[Timmy]: mother Pleaseeeeeeeee!

[Mother]: ok ... Timmy. WTS subject?

[Timmy]: Uh ... Love!

[Mom]: love ... Love is knowing the goodness of a person's heart, honey!

[Timmy]: The kindness of the heart? Huh?

[Mother]: It 'like this ...

When I was in high school, his father YR told me to be in Hollywood. Now I knew that he only slept, but I also knew that his boss wants me to Hollywood, but the RT at his side!

& When I was pregnant, I used to look so fat I looked like Santa Claus! But the father of years to say that he looked weak Feed Me everything I could find!

His lies are so stupid, even thought I had married a fool ... but the truth is that this stupidity cared enough to lie ... just for me, please!

[Timmy]: But ... he lied, RT?

[Mother]: Well, honey ... He was just being a man!

And I knew that every time he lied to me ... but each time, he also knew that he had told those lies coz he loved me!

[Timmy]: Hmm ...

[Mother]: Ok honey ... i'v to go get ready. byeeeee



Topic: Love

Author: Timmy

Love ... When someone lies to you n you smile ... coz you know the person who cares enough to look happy to lie!


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