Monday, May 9, 2011

when you can not smile

smile poems, Romantic Poem

In the days when nothing is right

When the pain seems to be your situation

Give a thought to me, I'm still here

I'll borrow a smile, you know I care!

If happiness seems far

And the dark cloud cover day

I'll send something that can not be found

A great idea to ease the mind

way of life can not be so smooth

But friends can lighten the mood

Get in touch with me, you'll find me there

When you feel lost and life is unfair

I'll take that smile and hand

Knowing that you will understand

One day you'll reach

When my turn to have the feeling blue

So on this journey that we share

I'll keep you close in thought and prayer

May angels guard all the time

But let me know when you can not smile

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