Thursday, January 20, 2011

mom is great

Mom Is Great

A Mother is a wonderful person in life,in fact the most energetic. You can see her like Shakespeare comparing the world to seven stages in which we play different roles.

The mother takes up various roles to suit the various needs of her child. The first three years she is a light sleeper and an early riser and has the patience to rock and cuddle a crying child.

Then she jogs along with her toddler,to match the boundless energy of her toddler. She is an athlete &caretaker at that stage.

She becomes the best Montessori teacher for her child in its formative years.

Then she realities that it is not enough to be only a Montessori teacher, so she becomes a musician, artist, story teller and a reading expert to equip herself to answer and describe all the unending stream of questions asked by the child and answers all calmly, patiently and correctly.

She accompanies her child to playschool, to the kindergarten,primary classes, the hobby classes and extra classes.

She rehearses all the above,and who else do you think can be a better person to be life?

At teenage the role of a mother turns to a protector ,a psychologist and a mentor.


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