Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love me or hate me

Love Me or Hate Me

Perhaps he himself prevents you.
That is a disguised form of love.

Those who hate most fervently
Must have once loved deeply;
Those who want to deny the world
Must have once embraced
What they now set on fire.

No woman ever hates
A man for being in love with her,
But many a woman hate
A man for being a friend to her.

Everybody loves success,
But they hate successful people

It is to the credit
Of human nature,
That, except where
Its selfishness is brought into play,
It loves more readily
Than it hates.
Hatred, by a gradual
And quiet process,
Will even be transformed to love,
Unless the change
Be impeded by a continually
New irritation of the
Original feeling of hostility.

Love is a given,
Hatred is acquired.

Love and hate are opposites.
If people say love
Is the most important thing
In the world,
Then what is hate?

All is fair
In love and war.

In jealousy there is
More of self-love than love.

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