Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Woman Knows ..!

woman knows

A woman dreams of ... with the heart, dreams of passion

the beauty and peace on earth.

A woman weeps ... tears, when you hurt ... replace

smiles when he is known to heal quickly.

A woman who loves ... his soul, deep and true ... all of which are

He knows .....

A woman tries to ... through every wrong, ... forgiveness of sins of the past

and find the strength to go forward.

A woman gives ... Everything inside her ... it does not

back because of fears that the recall ... could be hurt,

take ... protects the woman with the love

in .....

Only a woman knows the secret truths hidden beneath

surface of the warmth and kindness.

Only a woman knows delicate touch that can heal all

ills and alleviate any fears.

Only a woman can give all the love and went for the

when done.

Only one woman ... with the heart of a woman ... can understand and

to accept ... many of the pain, he will encounter.

Only one woman ... with a woman's heart ... can know

the strength of her heart .....

A woman knows ... if all of his property was taken ... is

parts of it, his best ... nothing on earth can never

remove ... The woman's heart, the depths of women.

Only a woman knows ... It is love that makes her who

it is, and love without pain can be a love that died.

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